Kerteminde Sejlklub

Nordic Folkboat 75 anniversary party

Dato og tid

Søndag d. 6. august 2017 kl. 18:00 til 23:55


Torsdag d. 29. juni 2017 kl. 23:55


Kerteminde Sejlklub
Marinavejen 6
5300 Kerteminde


Kerteminde Sejlklub
+45 Hans Jørgen Ellekilde

Past and present sailors is invited to a celebration to remember.

A fantastic opportunity to catch up with old friends, to talk about memories and stories from your Folkboat career.

This is tickets for the Folkboat Anniversary Party sunday evening august 6th 2017.

Please notice that
- the F75 anniversary event and the Goldcup 17 regatta are to separate events with separate audience, but close in time and place

- the Anniversary dinner and Entertainment is a party for all Folkboat afcionados with a personal connection and feeling for the Folkboat, and not only active Folkboat sailors, owners or GoldCup participants.

- the anniversary dinner is the only anniversary event witch requires entry and entry fee, The opening ceromony, fun-sailing and other is with free entry

- the entry fee for goldcup17 does not include entry or registration of participation in the anniversary party

Further informations about the F75 anniversary at

Further information about the Goldcup 17 regatta at

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Navn Land
Anders Olsen Sweden
Andreas Christiansen Germany
Andreas Fischer Germany
Annette Bauer-Brandl Germany
Benny Christensen Denmark
Bent Nielsen Denmark
Bjarne Marcussen Denmark
Bo Kogerfelt Sweden
Carl-Otto Hedegaard Denmark
Carl Ove Dydensborg Denmark
Christian + Karin Wedemeyer Germany
Ditte Andreasen Denmark
Dr. Robert Winkler Germany
Ed Donald United Kingdom
Ed Donald United Kingdom
Ed Donald United Kingdom
Ellen og Henrik Møhl Denmark
Erik Køster Denmark
Erik Larsson Germany
Erik Madsen Denmark
Erik og Lotte Andreasen Denmark
Flemming Palm Denmark
Franz-Josef Schanze Germany
Hans-Hermann Rüggesiek Germany
Hans Peter Hansen Denmark
Hans Ptaszynski Germany
Helle Hejmdal Denmark
Horst Hufenbach Germany
Horst Hufenbach Germany
Jens Lautrup Denmark
Jette og Poul Ankjær Denmark
Johannes Thaysen Germany
Johnny Jørgensen Denmark
Johs. Egede Olsen Denmark
Jørgen Holm Denmark
Kai Spier Germany
Karl-Peter Meurer Germany
Kim Kristensen Denmark
Kirsten Muller Denmark
Knud Andreasen Denmark
Kristian Holmgaard Denmark
Lars Bræstrup Denmark
Lauri Pöyhönen Finland
Lone Rahbek Denmark
Michael Møller Denmark
Niels-Ulrich Barslev Denmark
Niels Søgaard Denmark
Ove Simonsen Germany
Per Buch Denmark
Per Røssel Denmark
Peter Brøgger Denmark
Peter Jørgsholm Denmark
Rainer Hasselmann Germany
René Mørck Denmark
Sisi Buch Denmark
stefan klabunde Germany
Steffen Höök Denmark
Thomas Lyssewski Germany
Uffe Raahede Denmark
Verner Dahlberg Denmark
Vita und Friedrich Mahrt Germany
Wilfried Sürth Germany

Kontaktinformationer til arrangør

Kerteminde Sejlklub
+45 Hans Jørgen Ellekilde